Strategy and Planning

Get it right from the start

Every decision matters when you are setting up your online presence. We’ll work with you and advise you from the very start so that your website has a solid foundation. You’ll get the basis for your coding standards, performance levels and upgrade potential at this point. We have ten years experience in advising major organisations on their digital strategy and planning, so we know exactly what you are likely to need.

Retail Projects

Trading and optimisation

We can work with either your design team/partner or our own in-house design and usability agency. Their design focus is designing engaging experiences for your customers as the more engaged they are the greater propensity that they will go on and make a purchase. Whether you are a manufacturer, cataegory retailer or reseller our design team will work with you to make you stand out from the crowd so that you don't look like every other ecommerce site out there.

We are experts in our product so we are agile and speedy when we configure LavaSuite commerce for your business. We'll use standard interfaces, pre-built functionality and partner integrations when we integrate your existing systems and business processes. We have a disciplined approach to manage your project which guards against cost or schedule over-runs. Most of our projects take 1-3 months to implement, in sharp contrast to other enterprise level ecommerce platform providers. Once we have had a successful launch we will maintain a continual dialogue with you to give you guidance on new product enhancements and fresh insights into ecommerce.

B2B Projects

Digital brand creation

Our team can work with either your design team/partner our own in-house expertise which has worked with many international leading organisations. We will focus on understanding your customers and developing user journeys and experiences that allow them to understand the range of services that you offer, the people within your organisation and the markets you operate in. Key users journeys and calls to action will be discussed at length during the design and development of your site but we will work with you after the launch to review the analytics and fine tune your customers experience to increase engagement and lead generation.

We know LavaSuite Content inside out and we will work with you closely in configuring the Content Management System back office templates so that you team are empowered to update and maintain the content on your website. Our Content templates are easy to use and the WYSIWYG functionality makes iot a breeze to empower your in-house or agency teams to support your business or campaign objectives. Typically projects take 1-3 months to implement, far faster than competitve offerings as the rich user interfaces and templating of LavaSuite Content accelerates site setup, configuration and population.


Get it together

With an Enterprise Class platform, each client needs their platform to integrate seamlessly with others within their business environment. Whether you need Google applications, marketing and sales tools, payment processing systems, CRM integration, Sharepoint or document management portal integration, ERP, Warehousing, shipping and fulfilment, LavaSuite Enterprise can handle and incorporate it all. In many cases we have pre built integrations that we have developed with our best-of-breed partners. If we haven’t got the integration you need LavaSuite has a rich API framework and modular design so that it is easy for us to integrate to third parties or adapt components to meet specific business needs. We are very experienced in this area and our technical architects can advise on the best integration strategies that will support your business today and future proof your investment as your business needs change over time.

Programme and Project Management

Make it work

Our programme and project management team will work closely with you to understand your specific business goals and needs and leveraging their experience we will map out the key stages and project activities to launch the site, get you trained and up and running in the day to day management of the website. We have a proven methodology which guides us through project initiation, scoping, design and implementation which keeps the project on track and on time.

Key to programme management is the time we will spend with you looking at your long term roadmap and advising not only on services that we offer directly but also partners of ours that offer complementary services that can complete and accerate your offering.


What you need

Our training programmes are to the point. We’ll get your team up and running day one whether its entering content, merchandising products or understanding analytics. We aim to empower our clients which means showing you how to use LavaSuite to your best advantage, that’s why our customised training involves showing you how to use your website with your specific data and giving you the control you need to manage your website presence.

Site Support

Friendly and fast

All our clients have a personal relationship with our support team. You’ll deal with people you know in the UK rather than overseas call centre operatives. Our support team will work closely with the development and product team to ensure speedy and satisfactory solutions to any problems you might have.


Solid, fast and effortless

We partner with tier 1 hosting companies and facilities to provide you with a dedicated private cloud environment. We can manage your relationship with the hosting company on your behalf – many hosting companies try to shift responsibility for problems onto software companies or implementers, or we can provide a complete managed service including global cloud hosting whichever meets your business needs.

Site Monitoring

Stay on the ball

Our support team continuously monitor your site – all around the world - to ensure core functionality and check whether your site is running at the right speed with the right content. This independent service also works proactively – by identifying areas of improvement, we can quickly turn data points into action items.

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