LavaSuite Content is an enterprise web content management system with rich user interfaces to empower Marketers to realise their brand online and get on with marketing without worrying about the technology.

Out of the box it comes with template creation and management, WYSIWYG features, personalisation and the ability to create responsive websites, which gives you the features you need to deliver stunning, engaging website experiences for your customers.

LavaSuite Content gives the businesses you see here their competitive advantage online. We look forward to helping you create yours.

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Developed for Marketers

Whether you are a global brand or a category retailer, the ability to manage your brand online in a timely manner is key to marketing success. LavaSuite has been developed with the ethos of empowering marketers and content editors to 'get on with marketing'.

LavaSuite's unique template architecture provides the ability for any content on the page to be changed quickly and easily. We can even provide onscreen help messages tailored to your users to provide specific help and advice.

LavaSuite was designed from the ground up to engage your visitors by adapting to their interests in real time based on the acquisition source whether email, banner or targeted advertising.

With LavaSuite, you can focus on creating great content whatever the device it’s going to be displayed on.

  • Web based WYSIWYG management of website content
  • Media/image management
  • Content live and expiry times
  • Personalisation of content
  • Microsite creation with site copy function
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Supports the latest HTML/CSS standards
  • Secure and scalable technology

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Responsive design allows the site to respond to the user’s behavior and environment base on screen size, platform and orientation. With growing usage of mobile devices, the need to have separate desktop and mobile sites is removed. As new device types are launched, your site can be easily adapted to support the new device whether this be mobile, tablet, desktop, TV or even watches.

LavaSuite supports both responsive and adaptive design, where page content can be changed or removed before it is downloaded to a device. This is particularly useful for image heavy sites or site designed for the Chinese market where internet speed is still slow.

  • Sites can be responsive, adaptive or a hybrid of both
  • Supports latest HTML/CSS standards
  • Rich media
  • Ability to support new devices easily and affordably

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Making the content on your website relevant to customer needs, increases the depth of engagement you create, increasing brand recognition, playback and comprehension of services or products.

LavaSuite’s personalisation functionality allows you to target content and site functionality to different audience groups, reinforcing the acquiring message and deepening the customer engagement. This increase in engagement through providing more focused and relevant content will drive greater lead generation and sales conversion.

  • Easy to implement personalisation
  • Customise your site visitors experience to drive engagement
  • Use personalisation to re-enforce your marketing messaging
  • Create groups based on a wide range of factors including geographic location or acquisition source
  • Bubble up sector specific content to different audience groups

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Sell to more customers in more ways around the world

LavaSuite is multi-lingual and multi-platform right out of the box. With over 10 years experience of delivering international projects, we have the knowledge and technology to manage international rollouts as companies expand their reach globally.

LavaSuite Content supports at no extra cost multiple websites so whatever your international strategy, it will provide a scalable, secure and fast platform for your international expansion plans.

  • Multi-lingual
  • Multi-platform
  • Multi-site
  • Operate multiple websites or office microsites

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Empower your business with more functionality and integration

LavaSuite Content empowers your organisation to do more, more quickly and for less money than other leading enterprise CMS platforms. Thanks to our powerful integration framework, additional functionality and integrations can be plugged in quickly and efficiently.

We have our own development and deployment team that is able to develop and implement additional functionality or integrations for you. 

  • Depend on our proven integration framework
  • Implement new functionality more quickly than with the established main platforms and systems integrators
  • Create your own templates
  • Achieve deep and powerful integrations

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Grow your business more securely in your own private cloud

LavaSuite Content runs in your own private data cloud providing incredible scalability. Leveraging a core cloud infrastructure with global provision and content delivery allowing you to reach new markets without sacrificing user experience.

Private data cloud computing lets you get your applications up and running faster, with improved manageability and less maintenance, and enables you to adjust your resources to meet fluctuating and increasing business demands.

The content delivery network (CDN) we use serves your content to end-users with high availability and high performance worldwide, and LavaSuite Support provides continuous worldwide testing of your website to ensure that your site is running fast across the globe.

  • Robust platform proven to be reliable over a decade
  • Private data cloud scalability

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Drive your sales conversion

Engaging sites with planned customer journeys drive greater conversion. LavaSuite Content provides you the environment to build custom landing pages and site journeys to support your acquisition and marketing campaigns, reinforcing the messaging to drive better conversion. Tracking integrations with leading Analytics provides you the insight to measure and tune your customer experiences.

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