LavaSuite Enterprise Commerce is designed for businesses with more ambition than their competitors. Those serious enough about their ecommerce success to consider enterprise class solutions right from the start.

LavaSuite gives you the rich merchandising environment you need in much less time, for far less outlay than you would expect. Our design and support makes this powerful CMS and ecommerce system easy to use, visually stunning and exceedingly scalable.

Your products are shown in the best possible way, with supercharged search results and conversion. You can enjoy unparalleled speed to market combined with easy international expansion, as well as a ‘plug and play’ integration capacity. All in your own private data cloud.

LavaSuite gives the businesses you see here their competitive advantage online. We look forward to helping you create yours.

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Flexible Visual Merchandising

Thanks to the full-feature Content Management System (CMS) at the heart of LavaSuite Enterprise Commerce and its unique full templating environment, you have total control over how your products are displayed.

With our FlexiGrids technology you can create pages in a design you want, rather than one limited by your CMS.

You can have different layouts for both categories and products that mirror what you are merchandising. (For example, you might display handbags in square boxes but golf clubs in narrow portrait slots.) Suddenly, your site will look completely different to other merchants’ websites and your customers can engage with your merchandise in a richer environment.

  • Our powerful CMS includes a full templating environment
  • Use different layouts for categories and product pages with our unique FlexiGrids technology
  • Create rich visual content such as look books and online magazines all within your store
  • Automatic content expiry
  • Image & rich media management
  • Access controls
  • Powerful search index technology
  • Rich social network integrations

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Supercharged Search Results

Our advanced merchandising engine is seamlessly integrated within LavaSuite Enterprise Commerce. Super-fast and immensely powerful, its merchandised search result pages are typically displayed 50-60% faster than with other leading ecommerce platforms.

With speed like this, your customers will engage with your site even more.

Highly advanced faceted and manual merchandising is instantly available to you, including the ability to boost individual products position on the page. And our powerful rules based promotions engine can manage even the most complex promotions and discounts.

  • Super-fast merchandised search result pages typically come up 50-60% faster than other ecommerce platforms
  • Rules based promotions engine
  • Catalogue and variant management
  • Faceted and manual merchandising
  • Powerful control of merchandising including the ability to boost individually products on the page
  • Optional trade merchandising module uniquely able to support complex trade price books

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More Functionality and Integration

LavaSuite Enterprise Commerce empowers your organisation to do more, more quickly and for less money than other leading enterprise commerce platforms. Thanks to our powerful integration framework, additional functionality and integrations can be plugged in quickly and efficiently.

We have our own development and deployment team that is able to develop and implement additional functionality or integrations for you.

  • Depend on our proven integration framework
  • Implement new functionality more quickly than with the established main platforms and systems integrators
  • Create your own templates
  • Achieve deep and powerful integrations

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Your Own Private Cloud

LavaSuite Enterprise Commerce runs in your own private data cloud providing incredible scalability. It is also written in Java™, the language of choice for major enterprises.

Private data cloud computing lets you get your applications up and running faster, with improved manageability and less maintenance, and enables you to adjust your resources to meet fluctuating and increasing business demands.

The content delivery network (CDN) we use serves your content to end-users with high availability and high performance worldwide, and LavaSuite Support provides continuous worldwide testing of your website to ensure that your site is running fast across the globe.

  • Robust platform proven to be reliable over a decade
  • Commerce written in Java; the choice for major enterprises
  • Not open source
  • Private data cloud scalability

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Sell Around The World

LavaSuite is multi-currency, multi-lingual, multi-platform and can operate multiple websites right out of the box. With over 5 years’ experience of delivering international projects, we have the knowledge and technology to manage international rollouts.

LavaSuite helps you meet the demands of smart consumers who use multiple, web-enabled touch points to interact with brands, whether on mobiles, smartphones, tablets or whatever the future brings.

  • Multi-currency
  • Multi-lingual
  • Multi-device/platform
  • Multi-channel
  • Operate multiple websites/micro-sites
  • Global commerce strategies
  • Tokenised payment in partnership with Cybersource

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Better customer data

Now in its 7th version, our successful checkout model (voted #5 best checkout in a major industry report), provides a personalised experience based upon customer data. This provides the ability to configure checkout defaults based on the previous history of the shopper, and to even customise the tone of voice dependent upon the profile of the customer.

  • Class leading checkout model
  • Personalised experience based upon customer data
  • Checkout defaults based on previous history
  • Customisable tone of voice
  • Designed in stages to accommodate expansion
  • Cross platform accounts
  • Integration with Google Analytics

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